GametoGeneTech preserves somatic cells (fibroblast) and/or embryonic stem cells from meritorious and champion animals, and uses them for oocyte-free reproduction. As well, we store cells obtained from endangered domestic and wild animals, and birds.

In addition to the own collection, we offer all the cell banking services to our clients as well. Cryopreservation gives the ultimate level of protection to any valuable animal or bird against loss by natural or unnatural death. Animal or bird cells preserved at GametoGeneTech by our clients are under their complete possession; ownership can be transferred to another person or entity, or requested us to dispose the cells at any time.

These frozen cells can be revived from the dormancy at any time during the storage. Having your animal’s cells stored with us gives the advantage to head start the production of clonal progenies by oocyte-free reproduction. Similarly, frozen cells collected from birds can be readily utilized to create cloned birds.

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