Welcome to Gametogenetech !

With a deep passion to advance the field of animal reproduction, GametoGeneTech ambitiously works towards bringing a novel OOCYTE-FREE TECHNOLOGY to reproduce pet, sports, laboratory, farm and wild animals. In this disruptive technology, 3D bioprinting is used to de novo construct preimplantation embryos towards production of progenies of a desirable animal.

Alongside the development of oocyte-free reproductive technology for mammals, GametoGeneTech also actively involves in devising a NOVEL METHODOLOGY TO CLONE AVIAN SPECIES. The new method is designed to be more cost-effective and produce a large number of true clones of a donor bird at a rapid phase.

To speedup the processing phase of these next generation reproductive technologies, GametoGeneTech collects and preserves genetic materials from special animals and birds. While doing the collections, we also offer the same services to our clients to store their lovable animals’ and/or birds’ tissue samples. We use terminally differentiated somatic cells (fibroblast) and/or embryonic stem cells for cryopreservation.